2022 CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program

CAES invites university-member faculty to submit applications for the fifth annual CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program (CSVFP), which kicks off in May. The deadline to apply is Feb. 25. The primary objective of this 12-week program is to support and guide faculty from Boise State University, Idaho State University and University of Idaho in the development of a submission-ready research proposal in collaboration with a researcher at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), who will serve as co-PI.

Application Materials: When applying via web portal, you will be asked to upload a copy of your curriculum vitae and your proposed project (using the Application Project Proposal template below). For non-US citizens ONLY, please complete and upload the FVA form as prompted by the application portal.

Application Project Proposal

FVA Visitor Form

Awardees will participate in professional development, seminars and informational sessions aimed at building the faculty member's understanding of the US Department of Energy and its core capabilities, INL's strategic initiatives and areas of interest, and best practices in cross-institutional collaboration. Long-term objectives of the program include continued partnerships between the faculty member, INL and the CAES consortium, strengthening the consortium's inclusive research community and support STEM research and education across Idaho through collaborative university and laboratory networks.

We strongly encourage early career faculty to consider applying for 2022. Interested faculty should contact CAES Research, Education and Innovation Specialist Dr. Hillary Fishler (Hillary.fishler@inl.gov).

Additional Resources:

Call for Applications

INL Lab Overview

SVFP cohorts

CSVFP YEAR Institution Faculty Member Awardee Focus Area INL Collaborators Project Proposed Funding Agency Proposed Amount (If Indicated)
2021 Boise State University Dan Deng Computing, Data, Visualization Casey Icenhour An open source multiphysics platform for studying magnetorestrictive materials and devices NSF DMR
Yantian Hou Nuclear Energy Koushik A. Manjunatha; Vivek K. Singh Protection and Threat Mitigation of DER Wireless Infrastructure NSF CPS
Min Long Computing, Data, Visualization Yidong Xia, Trishelle Copeland-Johnson Discovery of Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Nuclear Applications Using Data Informed Computing NEUP 700,000
Yang (Frank) Lu Innovative Energy Systems Binghui Li Data-enabled holistic optimization of integrated passive and grid-interactive design for energy efficient buildings DOE EERE 1,000,000
Jayash Paudel Energy Policy Lionel Toba, Mamunur Rahman Modeling energy poverty in the US US EPA 65,000
Idaho State University Andrew Chrysler Cybersecurity John Beck Spectrum Analysis for Detection of Malware in
DOE 464,000
Mostafa Fouda Cybersecurity Kurt Derr 5G Security through Artificial Intelligence DOD 450,000
Mustafa Mashal Nuclear Energy Chandu Bolisetti, Som Dhulipala Potential Applications of Ultra–High Performance
Concrete (UHPC) in Nuclear Energy, Defense, and
Homeland Security
ARPA-E 1,300,000
Irene van Woerden Nuclear Energy Rajiv Khadka Sensor Analytics: Innovation in fission battery development and deployment DOE
University of Idaho Dave Arcilesi Nuclear Energy Amey Shigrekar Not Received n/a n/a
Vibhav Durgesh Nuclear Energy Stephen Hancock Thermo-fluid characterization of flow in nuclear reactors CINR
Michael Maughan Adv. Manufacturing Thomas Lillo In-Situ Quenching for Additive Manufacturing of Cost Effective High-Temperature Powerplant Components DOE, NASA, ARO, ANR 800,000
Rick Sheldon Cybersecurity Craig Rieger Security analytics for cyber physical systems and IoT DOE
Damon Woods Innovative Energy Systems Bhaskar Mitra Demand response capabilities of a ground-source neighborhood network NSF 2,000,000
2020 Boise State University Todd Otanicar Energy-Water Nexus Aaron Wilson Thermal Gradient Reverse Osmosis — Pathway to Low Energy Thermal Desalination EERE, NSF 247,000
Marion Scheepers Cybersecurity Katya LeBlanc The Human Factor and Threat Mitigation in Cyberspace DOD, NSF
Idaho State University Amir Ali Nuclear Energy SuJong Yoon, Piyush Sabharwall Scaling distortions and high-quality thermal-hydraulic validation data for pebble-bed reactors NEUP 800,000
Dan LaBrier Nuclear Energy Bryce Kelly Development of Advanced Manufactured High-Temperature-Resistant Permanent Magnets NEUP, NSUF 260,000
Anna McCarrey Nuclear Energy Ron Boring, Tina Miyake Identifying the effects of age and increased automation on human performance in the nuclear control room workspace NEUP 600,000
Irene van Woerden Energy Policy Rae Moss Perceptions of Nuclear energy across Idaho NE, IGEM, WECC 228,496
University of Idaho Hangtian Lei Cybersecurity Tim McJunkin, Luo Yusheng Adaptive Cyber Protection for Intelligent Electronic Devices in Smart Substations DOE 400,000
2019 Boise State University Liljana Babinkostova Cybersecurity Robert Erbes Integrating Algebraic Structures and Side Channel Attacks for Lightweight
and Post-Quantum Cryptographic Protocols
Dan Deng Advanced Manufacturing Michael Shaltry Micro-Scale Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory Thin Films NSF Additive Manufacturing 470,361.00
Dave Estrada Energy-Water Nexus Rebecca Fushimi Emerging 2-Dimensional Materials for Process Intensification ACS PRF 110,000
Mike Hurley Advanced Manufacturing Donna Guillen 3D Metal Printer to Enable Innovations in Nuclear Materials and Sensors NSUF
Brian Jacques Nuclear Energy Subhashish Meher Novel Hierarchical Nickel-based Superalloys for Molten Chloride Salt Reactors CINR
Nirmala Kandadai Energy-Water Nexus Josh Daw Silicon Carbide based hardened Raman and Infrared Thermography Temperature Sensors DOD DTRA 162,140
Michal Kopera Computing, Data, Visualization Cody Permann High-resolution Dynamic interface Model of Ice/ocean interactions in Arctic Fjords NSF 311,042
Min Long Advanced Manufacturing; Computing, Data, Visualization Larry Aagesen An Integrated Experimental and Computational Study on Irradiation Effects of Additive Manufacturing Materials NSUF 500,000
Edoardo Serra Cybersecurity; Computing, Data, Visualizatioin Shane Stailey Enhancing workforce development and early outreach
to advance data-driven cyber physical security
Idaho STEM Action Center P3; NSF 450,000
Idaho State University Tony Forest Nuclear Energy; Computing, Data, Visualization Daniel Schwen A Validation of Radiation Induced Swelling for Materials used in Micro-Reactor Structural Systems NEUP 374,180
Leslie Kerby Computing, Data, Visualization Leah Guzowski Applied Data Science and Machine Learning in Python Boot
Mustafa Mashal Innovative Energy Systems; Cybersecurity Matthew Watrous Earthquake Luminosities (EQLs): Fundamental Understanding of the Phenomenon and Identifying Potential Applications DOD DTRA 20,000
Yaqi You Nuclear Energy, Energy Water Nexus; Cybersecurity Chenlin Li Harness Agricultural Biowastes for Sustainable Food- Energy-Water Nexus: Maximizing Biochar Potential for Microbiome-mediated Soil Health NSF 507,718
University of Idaho Costas Kolias Cybersecurity Craig Rieger An Immutable Device Authentication Technology Based on Radiant Analog Behavior NSF SaTC Core/TTP 800,000
Michael McKellar Nuclear Energy; Advanced Manufacturing; Innovative Energy Systems Donna Guillen Technical and Economic Analyses of Power Conversion Units for Micro-Reactors. DOE RC 2.3 800,000
Thomas Ptak Energy Policy Noel Bakhtian Energy Pipeline for Idaho Partnership in Education (EPIPE) NSF IUSE 570,000
Zouheior Rezki Cybersecurity Arup Bhuyan Resilient and Secure Sensor Networks for Efficient Autonomous Operations and Remote Control on Reactors NSF CPS 598,881
Min Xian Computing, Data, Visualization Noel Bakhtian PCDD: Physics-constrained Data-driven Framework for Multiphase Flow Modeling of Nuclear Reactors NEUP 466,000
2018 Boise State University Mike Hurley Nuclear Energy Gabriel Ilevbare Using additive manufacturing to tailor the corrosion performance of stainless steel (title used for future Single Investigator Call ) Novel Nanoscale Electrochemical Characterization for the Qualification of Advanced Manufactured Alloys (title for contribution to collaborative proposals, specific alloy dependent on proposal call: DOE= Stainless Steel, DoD SBIR Phase II= Glassy Aluminum Alloys) DOE NEUP
Idaho State University n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
University of Idaho Dave Arcilesi Nuclear Energy Donna Guillen Not Received n/a
Michael Haney Cybersecurity Steve Hartenstein, Wayne Austad Nuclear Operator Cybersecurity Research and Development LDRD 125,000
Michael McKellar Nuclear Energy Donna Guillen Benefit of Collaboration Technical and Economic Analysis of Power Conversion Units for Special Reactors, "Special Purpose or Micro Nuclear Reactors produce power in the range of 2 MWe to 20 MWe" and "Technical Abstract TEA of PCUs for SPRs" NE 380,000
Dakota Roberson Cybersecurity Steve Hartenstein, Wayne Austad Wide-Area Control Learning Archetypes Responsive to Compensator Output and "Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources University of Idaho - Idaho Falls" NSF

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