CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program

The fourth annual CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program (CSVFP) kicks off in May 2021 with its fourth cohort. This collaborative program brings together INL researchers and faculty members from the CAES universities to build new relationships/networks, interact, and develop new joint-funded research programs.

CSVFP serves as a tool for enabling collaboration between INL and faculty from Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho.

We strongly encourage early career faculty to consider applying for 2022. Interested faculty should contact CAES Research, Education, and Innovation Specialist Dr. Hillary Fishler (

Here are the 2021 participants:

University Faculty Institution INL Researcher(s) INL Organization(s) CAES Focus Area
Yantian Hou Boise State University (BSU) Koushik A. Manjunatha, Vivek Singh Energy & Environment Science & Technology (EES&T) Cybersecurity
Jayash Paudel BSU Lionel Toba and Mamunur Rahman EES&T Energy Policy
Frank Lu BSU Binghui Li EES&T Innovative Energy Systems
Dan Deng BSU Casey Icenhour Nuclear Science and Technology (NS&T) Computing, Data, & Visualization
Min Long BSU Yidong Xia, Trishelle Copeland-Johnson EES&T, Materials and Fuels Complex Computing, Data, & Visualization
Mostafa Fouda Idaho State University (ISU) Kurt Derr National and Homeland Security (N&HS) Cybersecurity
Andrew Chrysler ISU TBD N&HS Cybersecurity
Justin Wood, Marcus Burger ISU Ron Fisher, Richa Sabharwal N&HS Cybersecurity
Mustafa Mashal, Dan LaBrier ISU Chandrakanth Bolisetti, Som Dhulipala NS&T Nuclear Energy
Irene van Woerden ISU Rajiv Khadka NS&T Nuclear Energy
Vibhav Durgesh University of Idaho (UI) Stephen Hancock EES&T Nuclear Energy
Michael Maughan UI Thomas Lillo EES&T Advanced Manufacturing
Damon Woods UI Bhaskar Mitra EES&T Innovative Energy Systems
Rick Sheldon UI Craig Rieger N&HS Cybersecurity
David Arcilesi UI Amey Shigrekar, Joshua Fishler NS&T Nuclear Energy

CSVFP Research Areas of Interest
CSVFP Expectations and Deliverables
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