CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program

The fourth annual CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program (CSVFP) is slated to begin in May 2021 with 17 university faculty members and 16 INL researchers.

Offered annually, this program fosters collaboration between university faculty and INL researchers with the goal of developing a joint-funded research proposal of value to both parties. The approach is intended to help build and sustain a research collaboration ecosystem, which is a critical outcome of the refreshed CAES Strategy, by building a platform for capability and expertise matchmaking, creating new short- and long-term collaborative opportunities, and providing proposal-writing resources.


  • Began in 2018 with six university awards
  • Lessons learned and new strategy incorporated to expand the program to 18 university awards for 2019
  • Record number of applicants this year, the program’s third year


  • Provides summer funding for selected faculty to work jointly with an INL researcher on a joint proposal for external funding
  • Opportunity to build lasting networks while building new connections
  • Provides faculty with exposure to the inner workings of a national lab and knowledge of national lab capabilities and expertise
  • Provides INL researchers with exposure to new diversified funding opportunities and potential to work and connect with students


  • Create robust connections between faculty and INL researchers
  • Create long-term impact to university and INL programs
  • Bring in external funding to complete innovative and inspiring research providing value to institutions, INL, and funding agency
  • Facilitate student integration into joint research


University Faculty Institution INL Researcher(s) INL Organization(s) CAES Focus Area
Yantian Hou Boise State University (BSU) Koushik A. Manjunatha Energy & Environment Science & Technology (EES&T) Cybersecurity
Jayash Paudel BSU Lionel Toba and Mamunur Rahman EES&T Energy Policy
Frank Lu BSU Binghui Li EES&T Innovative Energy Systems
Dan Deng BSU Casey Icenhour Nuclear Science and Technology (NS&T) Computing, Data, & Visualization
Min Long BSU Yidong Xia and Trishelle Copeland-Johnson EES&T, Materials and Fuels Complex Computing, Data, & Visualization
Mostafa Fouda Idaho State University (ISU) Kurt Derr National and Homeland Security (N&HS) Cybersecurity
Andrew Chrysler ISU Lloyd Landon N&HS Cybersecurity
Justin Wood, Marcus Burger ISU Ron Fisher N&HS Cybersecurity
Mustafa Mashal, Dan LaBrier ISU Chandrakanth Bolisetti and Som Dhulipala NS&T Nuclear Energy
Irene van Woerden ISU Rajiv Khadka NS&T Nuclear Energy
Vibhav Durgesh University of Idaho (UI) Stephen Hancock EES&T Nuclear Energy
Michael Maughan UI Thomas Lillo EES&T Advanced Manufacturing
Damon Woods UI Bhaskar Mirtra EES&T Innovative Energy Systems

CSVFP FY20 Products

8 Proposals

  • Data-science enabled accelerated development of high entropy alloys
  • SATC: CORE: Medium: Quantifying Information Risk of Machine Learning Models
  • Development of Advanced Manufactured High Temperature-Resistant Permanent Magnets
  • A Random Matrix Theory Based Remedial Action Screening Tool using Real-Time Data
  • Thermal Gradient Reverse Osmosis – Pathway to Low Energy Thermal Desalination
  • The Human Factor and Threat Mitigation in Cyberspace
  • Perceptions of nuclear energy across Idaho
  • Data-driven reduced-order model for thermal creep analysis of nuclear components made of Inconel 617

3 White Papers

  • Scaling distortions and high-quality thermal-hydraulic validation data for pebble-bed reactors
  • Adaptive Cyber Protection for Intelligent Electronic Devices in Smart Substations
  • Identifying the effects of age and increased automation on human performance in the nuclear control room workspace

Call for Applications (pdf)
Application (Word document)
CSVFP Research Areas of Interest (pdf)
CSVFP Expectations and Deliverables (pdf)
FVA Visitor Form (Excel file)

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