ISU-CAES Seed Grant

Idaho State University provides seed funding to selected CAES projects led by ISU researchers. Grants distributed in FY20:

ISU PI ISU Department ISU co-PIs University co-PIs INL co-PI Project
Rodriguez, Rene Chemistry   Kris Campbell, BSU Mary Case, Robert Fox Preliminary Investigations for Improving Adhesion of Boron Nitride Thin Films as a Passivation Layer for Heat Transfer Pipes in Nuclear Reactors
Dunzik Gougar, ML Nuclear Engineering Amir Ali, Dan LaBrier Yaqiao Wu, BSU/CAES   Extension of ISU/CAES Surface Characterization Capabilities: Wettability Measurements
Savage, Bruce Civil Engineering James Mahar
Mustafa Mashal
Arya Ebrahimpour
  Gabriel Ilevbare, MSE
Chris Wright, RMSS
Richard Boardman, Clean Energy
Use of Advance Manufactured Hollow-Core Slabs in the Construction of Arch Culvert Bridges to Improve Aquatic Organism Passage
LaBrier, Dan Nuclear Engineering     Colby Jensen, Bryce Kelly, Nic Woolstenhulme Development of a small-scale molten sodium testing program at CAES
Ali, Amir Nuclear Engineering     Piyush Sabharwall, NSD&AD Development of an Innovative Heat Exchanger Technology for Nuclear Applications
Kerby, Leslie Computer Science   Bob Borrelli, UI   Reactor Transient diagnostics using machine learning
Sharma, Kavita Chemistry Karl DeJesus none listed none listed Synthesis of Piperidinium and Piperazinium Task Specific Ionic Liquids for Spent Nuclear Fuel Partitioning