Codebreaker webinar: Inside the MaCS Lab with Dr. Yaqiao Wu

Codebreaker webinar: Boise State instructor, CAES lab lead discusses cutting-edge characterization equipment
Yaqiao Wu, director of the Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) at CAES, will present at the Codebreaker webinar on August 5. Wu will provide an overview of the advanced materials characterization equipment available at CAES, while focusing on the newest piece of equipment — a mono-chromated, probe- and image- corrected ThermoFisher Spectra 300 transmission electron microscope. With unique and newly developed advanced techniques, this new microscope provides high resolution in characterizing both structure and energy as well as accurate quantitative chemical analysis, elevating CAES' microscopy-characterization capabilities.
Managed by Boise State University, where Wu is a research professor in the Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering, the MaCS lab houses advanced materials characterization equipment for research down to the atomic level, including a focused ion beam, local electrode atom probe, nanoindenter and a scanning electron microscope, and is capable of handling radiological materials. In addition to reviewing the capabilities of MaCS, which opened in 2010 and is a Nuclear Science User Facilities partner, Wu will discuss the ways in which researchers from INL and the CAES universities can access its equipment. The CAES Codebreaker webinar typically takes place on the first Thursday of the month at 3:30 p.m. It provides a forum for students and researchers to address their work, communicate opportunities and challenges to a receptive audience, and increase dialogue among CAES affiliates.

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