Codebreaker: Computational creativity and the use of computers to solve problems

The head of Idaho State University’s Computational Creativity and Intelligence Lab will present at the CAES Codebreaker webinar on Nov. 3 at 3:30 p.m. The presentation by Paul Bodily will focus on his effort to develop a comprehensive, web-based tool that offers solutions to issues ranging from genome assembly to nuclear core fuel reload optimization to route planning. Bodily and his colleagues are developing a prototype tool with a crowd-sourced and extensible knowledge base of a range of problems and issues and their solutions, with the goal of:
• Providing an effective tool for teaching and training effective strategies to address issues
• Providing an accessible tool for practical and easy application of solutions
• Facilitating meta-level research for finding and improving ways to automate the process of engineering solutions to new problems
In addition to leading the Computational Creativity and Intelligence Lab, Bodily is an assistant professor of Computer Science in ISU’s Computer Science Department. His research interests include algorithms, computational theory and artificial intelligence/machine learning, with particular interest in determining whether computers can exhibit autonomous creativity beyond possessing artificial intelligence.
The CAES Codebreaker webinar takes place on the first Thursday of the month. It provides a forum for students and researchers to address their work, communicate opportunities and challenges to a receptive audience, and increase dialogue among CAES affiliates.
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