CAES Codebreaker: Overcoming range anxiety and the future of electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer considerable economic and environmental benefits. Despite the decreasing costs and increasing range of newer EVs, range anxiety – concern about being stranded on a road trip in a battery-depleted EV with no charging station in sight – is often cited as a significant hurdle for first-time EV buyers. In this presentation, Idaho National Laboratory research engineer Benny Varghese will discuss the work under way at INL to address this issue. What solutions are available to address range anxiety and how feasible are these solutions? What does the future of EV charging look like? Varghese will answer these questions and more during his presentation, which starts at 3:30 pm MT on August 4.
The CAES Codebreaker webinar takes place on the first Thursday of the month. It provides a forum for students and researchers to address their work, communicate opportunities and challenges to a receptive audience, and increase dialogue among CAES affiliates.
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