Applications accepted for CAES Collaboration Funds until March 18

CAES Collaboration Program Development Funds are available to assist INL researchers in establishing collaborative relationships with CAES entities – Boise State University, Idaho State University and University of Idaho. This is an opportunity for members of INL's R&D community to seek program development resources to work collaboratively with the CAES universities in building strategic relationships that enhance the INL and CAES mission and vision within the CAES strategic focus areas. The CAES strategic focus areas are nuclear energy; advanced manufacturing; cybersecurity; energy-water nexus; innovative energy systems; energy policy; and computing, data and visualization.

CAES Collaboration funding is subject to INL DEARS/FARS governing the use of program development resources. Therefore, funds may not be used to co-mingle with direct-funded INL Programs or LDRDs. CAES Collaboration funds may not be used to collect data or perform R&D activities. CAES Collaboration funding is subject to INL guidelines issued through the INL prime contract.

Funds are limited but are sufficient to support strategic and innovative uses. Funds for INL FY 2022 will be granted through an open application process, with preference given to requests to develop direct-funded proposals with CAES entities. Additionally, preference will be given to proposals that utilize/encourage graduate or undergrad students from the CAES universities. CAES leadership requests that you engage your directorate leadership to validate the value of the CAES-INL relationship. Awarded projects must be completed by September 30, 2022.

The CAES Collaboration Program Development Funds application found here is to be filled out and submitted by an INL employee.

Go here for a PowerPoint outlining the program, and go here for Proposal Guidelines.

Applications are due March 18, 2022 at 5 PM (MDT). Please email your completed application form to Amy Woodard at [email protected].

For questions, please contact Amy Woodard at (208)690-0595.