CAES COVID-19 Facility Policies

CAES COVID-19 Facility Policies

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CAES Update 37. Sent Sept. 20, 2021

CAES residents,

We wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the current COVID-19 facility policies:

  • Access to the CAES facility is restricted to those who have received approval from their associate director and CAES Interim Director Terry Brog.
  • Everyone in the CAES facility is required to wear a mask.
    • Masks can be removed to eat, drink or perform other short-term activities that require their removal.
    • You also may remove the face covering while working alone in your office with the door closed.
    • Face coverings should be worn while working in a cubicle and a laboratory.
    • Contact your home institution's associate director, CAES Safety Officer Kristi Moser-McIntire or Research Laboratory Manager Rocklan McDowell with any questions regarding the CAES mask policy.
  • All COVID-19 policies for the CAES facility can be found here.

We also want to remind researchers it is your responsibility to be aware of all personal protective equipment (PPE) policies required by your Work Control and to adhere to those requirements. Please refer to your Work Control documents for the PPE specific to your research activities. Any further questions about PPE should be directed to the laboratory lead, CAES Safety Officer Kristi Moser-McIntire, Research Laboratory Manager Rocklan McDowell or your home institution's associate director.

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