In-Pile Instrumentation Program (I2)

The In-Pile Instrumentation Program is a $1.2M annual collaboration between INL and BSU to develop novel sensors for in-situ measurements of field and materials properties in a nuclear reactor core. The collaboration involves several INL researchers, 9 BSU faculty members, 14 graduate research assistants, and 7 undergraduate researchers. The program has been greatly influential in the development of the next generation nuclear workforce by supporting the procurement of scholarships, fellowships, and internships – providing opportunities for the students to advance their degrees, network with professionals, and conduct cutting-edge research. In addition, the I2 program has created networking and research opportunities for BSU faculty through initiatives such as the CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program, INL joint appointments, and collaboration meetings. Four Boise State University graduate students have earned INL Fellowships through this program, and three are currently completing their dissertation while working at INL. One University of Idaho student earned her PhD in Mechanical Engineering through this program, and is now a faculty member at Boise State University.

CAES Impacts

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