3D printer

researchers in radiochemistry lab in idaho national lab's CAES

This project, which emerged from the CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program in 2019, is led by Boise State University faculty member Mike Hurley, and received a NEUP award that will lead to the installation of a 3D metal printer at the CAES facility, thereby establishing the capability to additively manufacture metallic nuclear grade materials at CAES and within the Nuclear Sciences User Facilities (NSUF) network. Hurley, an Assistant Professor in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering, is Principal Investigator and his team includes his CSVFP partner Donna Guillen from INL and Boise State faculty members and fellow 2019 CSVFP alumni Dave Estrada, who is the CAES Associate Director for Boise State, and Brian Jaques, the CAES Advanced Manufacturing Lead at Boise State.

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