CAES Energy Policy working group holds first workshop

A panel discussion on energy policy, jobs, industry conditions and economic challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic was among the highlights of a virtual workshop hosted by the CAES policy working group. The virtual, half-day workshop was open to the public and included an introductory seminar on energy policy for researchers, led by Kathy Araújo and Kipp Coddington, the co-leads for the Energy Policy working group. Nearly 200 people, including international researchers, registered for the workshop. Araújo and Coddington moderated the panel discussion, which featured John Kotek, Vice President of Policy Development and Public Affairs for the Nuclear Energy Institute; Marc Chupka, Vice President of Research and Programs for the US Energy Storage Association; and Elise Hunter, Policy and Regulatory Affairs Director for Grid Alternatives. The workshop also included a lightning talk research session and breakout sessions on a variety of topics: advanced decarbonization, nuclear development, smarter grids and electricity markets, cybersecurity, and a wildcard/open topics session. The Energy Policy working group is one of seven working groups formed in each of the focus areas outlined in the CAES Strategy. To join a CAES working group, email