Lab NameDescription
Advanced Materials and CharacterizationThe Advanced Materials Laboratory offers a broad range of sample preparation capabilities in the areas including: processing, structural analysis, and properties determination.
Applied VisualizationThe Applied Visualization Laboratory contains several 3D immersive environments for scientists and engineers to walk into their data, examine it, and provide deep analysis in pursuit of their research.
Advanced ManufacturingThe Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory advances energy-related materials and manufacturing technologies that accelerates the innovation and adoption of cost-effective manufacturing technologies.
Atomic-Scale ImagingThis Atomic-Scale Imaging Laboratory uses Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) to characterize a wide range of materials and provide 2-D/3-D morphology, chemical information, and mechanical testing data from micron to atomic scale.
InnovationIn this distinctive lab, scientists look at catalysis and materials science problems using unique equipment and techniques to analyze complex reaction kinetics on materials.
GeochemistryThe Geochemistry Laboratory is a geoscience-based laboratory focused on geological systems and applications used to test a variety of reservoir rocks and fluids at formation-relevant temperatures and pressures.
Microscopy and Characterization SuiteThe Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) provides the organization and infrastructure to make various materials characterization tools available for research, academia, and regional companies.
Radiochemistry LaboratoryThe Radiochemistry Laboratory helps researchers develop materials for use in advanced nuclear reactor systems, as well as investigate recovery and alternate use of materials from used nuclear systems.

Lab Calendar

This calendar is for the instruments at CAES. Once your service request is approved you can schedule pending dates. All dates must be approved by the instrument lead, unless you have been signed off on the instrument. All reservations involving radiological samples are pending until they are approved by the lab lead, who will ensure radiation safety support is available for the requested time.

Normal operating hours are Monday — Friday 8am — 5pm.

To perform work outside of normal operating hours requires:

1) Prior approval of the MaCS Lab Lead and Instrument Lead

2) Availability of necessary support safety personnel

If scheduled use is not canceled at least 24 hours in advance, the customer will be billed for the time at the requested level of service.

Lab Lead for MaCS (Rm 117) and AML (Rm 116)
Yaqiao Wu
(208) 533-8112
(515) 509-1248 (cell)

All instrument owners for MaCS and AML equipment are listed here: