CAES workshops are vital to building a community of researchers capable of addressing grand challenges in each of the seven focus areas identified in the CAES Strategy (LINK TO STRATEGY PAGE).
One goal of workshop events is to create communities of practice by providing networking opportunities. During an event, attendees learn about the research capabilities available through CAES, the universities, and INL, allowing them to identify opportunities for collaboration and to identify gaps in the CAES infrastructure in order to prioritize strategies related to the procurement of major instrumentation. An additional goal of the workshops is to connect CAES researchers with their peers from industry and government.
Workshops are held throughout the year, typically by invitation. For more information, contact the working group leads:

Nuclear Energy
Don Wood, INL (
Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, ISU (
Rich Christensen, UI (

Energy-Water Nexus
Karen Humes, UI (
Jon Brant, UW (

Eleanor Taylor (
Larry Leibrock, ISU (
Jim Alves-Foss, UI (

Advanced Manufacturing
David Estrada, BSU (
Rob O'Brien, INL (

Innovative Energy Systems
John Gardner, BSU (
Scott Quillinan, UW (

Energy Policy
Kathy Araujo, BSU (
Chuck Mason, UW (

Computing, Data, and Visualization
Leslie Kerby, ISU (
John Koudelka, INL (