CDV working group holds monthly meeting virtually

The CAES Computing, Data, and Visualization (CDV) working group met in late April. The meeting included discussions on upcoming proposals, projects, conferences, and news, and was highlighted by a research talk and tutorial by Dr. Lan Li, an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a leader of Materials Theory and Modeling group at Boise State University. Dr. Li's presentation, Materials-by-Design for Electronic and Energy Applications, demonstrated ways to leverage advanced computational modeling techniques to guide materials design and device development. Li discussed three projects involving interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in different scientific and engineering disciplines. The CDV Working Group is one of seven working groups formed in each of the focus areas outlined in the CAES Strategy. The others are Nuclear Energy, Energy-Water Nexus, Cybersecurity, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Energy Systems, and Energy Policy. If you would like to join a CAES working group, please see the iNotes from Aug. 29, 2019 or contact [email protected].