Ni-based ODS alloys for Molten Salt Reactors

diagram of components of molten salt reactors and how they are laid out

The project calls for examination of the concept of developing new nickel alloy material for advanced molten-salt reactors in order to resolve problems related to corrosion, swelling, and irradiation damage that limit the currently available nickel alloys for use in these reactors, while improving the mechanical properties of the material. The objective is to develop oxide dispersion strengthened nickel alloys to potentially serve as a fuel-facing structural material. The alloy will be tested for suitable mechanical properties, resistance to radiation damage, and resistance to corrosion. The estimated funding is $800,000. The corrosion testing work is expected to be performed by Zhao's research group, including current UI PhD student Meng Shi and a future UI student, in the Radiochemistry Laboratory at CAES.

CAES Impacts

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