A Disaster Response Complex for Training of First Responders in Idaho

construction worker in ppe and flatbed semi truck in an empty dirt lot near homes on a hillside

The collaborative project calls for the creation of a Disaster Response Complex (DRC) for research, certification, and training of first responders in collaboration with the Directorate of National & Homeland Security at CAES and INL, fulfilling a need for emergency personnel and advancing the CAES research and education pillars. The project received nearly $1.1 million from the State of Idaho under Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission — Higher Education Research Council (IGEM-HERC) grant initiative. More than two dozen researchers from ISU, INL, and CAES are collaborating on the DRC, which will be capable of simulating natural (earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding) and man-made hazards for training of first responders. It will include indoor and outdoor facilities on ISU's campus in Pocatello, making it a key asset for the state of Idaho and the Northwest United States. Seed funding for the project came via a 2018 CAES program development award and a 2018 CAES Collaboration Fund award.

CAES Impacts

Support national security mission, Sustain talent pipeline